Increasing your Web Traffic the Ethical Way

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There are many different techniques to improving your sites traffic, advertising on social networks, have your pages show up in Google search engines, but there are also unethical ways to do it which overall end up ruining the accuracy of the web, so if your trying to improve your sites page ranking and visibility on the web, check out this article that has some ethical tips, HERE.

Foodily Search Engine For Recipes


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Ever need a recipe but don’t like to use traditional search engines like Google or Yahoo because those top results aren’t what your looking for, well check out this search engine designed for recipes, HERE.

Searches that shouldn’t be done using Google

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I came across this pretty useful article that talks about some alternative search engines to use when searching specific topics that Google might not return the best results on, for insistence perhaps your looking for code snippets, your more likely to turn up better results on other search engines, check out this great Lifehacker article HERE.

Blacklisting Google Search Results?

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So these days a Google search results will bring a percentage of spam or crap to the front of the search sometimes, help Google fight back by blacklisting sites in search results that are obvious spam sites, check out this cool Blacklisting tool for Chrome, HERE.

Check out these great Google alternatives for your Questions!

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You have a question but your not really interested in the Google results to your questions, check out these great alternatives to using Google to answer your questions:



Ask Metafilter



Wolfram Alpha

Duck Duck Go

Ask Reddit

Yahoo! Answers


The “AROUND” Google Search Operator

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So everyone knows about the “AND” or “+” operator when your doing a google search which makes google now search for both terms “a + b”, well this returns certain types of results, sometimes not really matching what you are looking for per say. Well check out this article which talks about when the “AND” operator fails you, try the “AROUND” operator, It might just find what your looking for, check the article out HERE.

Near Spamless Search Results with Blekko

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So if your a regular internet user, more so if your a student or someone that does a fair amount of research online has seen how when you search for a topic sometimes the results are filled with paid sponsor, an then their is just the plain old spam links. Fear not my friends, check out a new service at Blekko which offers search results without all the crap results being returned.

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