Find Video Tutorials of Popular Web Services on Grovo

Etech Tutorial - Web Services Mash-Up

When it comes to finding out how to use popular Web services out there, you can always look up on Google or YouTube, but it might be nice if all of these types of instructional videos on popular web services were in one location, and you can have that using the service Grovo, which is free with the catch of linking your account to your facebook account, or a paid version of the service, either way you may find the service useful, for more check out Grovo.

Make Sharing Dates Easy to a Group with Short Calendar Webapp

Monket Calendar

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If you need to let a group of people know of dates where things have to get done, deadlines, and other agenda based dates, you might want to give the Webapp Short Calendar a try for sharing the information with the group, its as simply as setting up the calendar, putting the emails of the group members in and your done, for more check out the service Short Calendar.

Double Check the Price you pay for Electronics with Web Service/iOS App Decide

JVC GZ-MG555 digital camcorder

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When making purchases of electronic goods, you might want to consult with someone or in this case with a web service that will tell you if your getting a deal or if you can get a better price else where, and although the service has been around, they have recently released an iOS app for the service, check out the iOS app Decide.

Your Account on a service has been hacked, Hacknotification is the Answer

*Web ser *Веб-служба

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If you use a lot of different web services its hard to keep up with which services get hacked and if your need to change your credentials to that site based on a break in to their services, well you can now use the service Hacknotification to find out which sites are compromised, for more check out Hacknotification.

“If This Then That” gets all your Web Services working in Harmony

A segment of a social network

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If your on a few different web apps or social networks and you wish you could intergrate and condense your windows into one, then you might want to check out the service If This Then That which offers to automate task based on events, linking one sites actions to another, for more on the service check out If This Then That.

Text Via your Browser with BrowserText

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You text at work but when your coworkers see you on your mobile they think your just another slacker, out smart them all while still texting to whom ever you need to by using this great web service BrowserText which allows you to text Via the browser from your Android Devices number, check out more details on the service BrowserText.

To-do List Web Service, for Android, iOS Too

Android robot logo.

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Check out this web service that offers a Web interface for planning your To-Do list as well as applications for the Android and iOS platforms so you can keep up with your To-Do list on the Go, check out more about the service, HERE.

Home security VIA your Webcam & Browser?

A motion detector attached to a garage.

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Check out this pretty neat Web Service that will perform home motion detector for you, letting you know who’s in your house when your not there, or whats going on exactly, check out more about these service at its homepage, HERE.

New Online Health Insurance Web Service

America's Health Insurance Plans

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Check out this new service that is similar to which will help you make a Health Insurance purchase as well as understand what exactly you are paying for, check out the Web Services homepage, HERE.

Learn how to Invest with this Web Service

Web services: Build or Buy Panel

Image by jeffwilcox via Flickr

The best way to learn something is through practice and what better way to learn how to invest money than the practice with fake money, check out this great web service that will help you learn to invest by having you manage some fake money first, check out more details on the process, HERE.

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