Say No to PIPA & SOPA Bills

SOPA Resistance Day!

Image by ~C4Chaos via Flickr

Today parts of the Internet went black to protect the proposed PIPA and SOPA bills that were making its way around the US legal circus, and although the bills look like they are losing support, you still need to call up your local Congressmen or Woman and let them know that you don’t support these bills, or let them know your happy they also don’t support the bill, for more check out this site American Censorship for more details on this issue.

Find Out What Font Type that is in Google Chrome with Whats The Font

Logo used from the start of the Chrome project...

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If you need to find out what font type your looking at when your on a site in Google Chrome all you might need to do is install the extension Whats The Font, and you’ll just have to highlight the text and right click to find out what font your looking at, check out Whats The Font for Google Chrome.

Turn your Dropbox Files into a Blog with

Web Hosting ServersPerhaps you want to start a blog but don’t have the space on a web server, or can’t deal with the free web host services out there, so you now are at a dead end, but now you can rest easier because using your dropbox account and the service you can now host your own blog, for more on how this works check out the service

Sheepish for Google Chrome Stops Websites from Tracking You

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You probably heard that Websites track your every move and click, and you have always dreamed of a way to stop websites you go to from tracking your movements, and now you can by using the Google Chrome extension Sheepish.

General Overview of Online Deal Websites

Analysis of Daily Deals SitesIt might be hard to choose which online deal site to subscribe to, worse yet you probably feel if you don’t follow all of them that your going to miss out on some type of lifetime deal, well that may not really be true once you understand how these deals sites work, which ones specialize in what goods, so limit your attention to a few key sites, check out this site that breaks down Online Deal Websites with an Infograph HERE.

Share a Website with

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If you find websites all the time you wish you could share with outs without going through a lot of hoops, then you might want to check out the service which will have you sharing sites with your pals with just a few clicks, check out the services

Your Account on a service has been hacked, Hacknotification is the Answer

*Web ser *Веб-служба

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If you use a lot of different web services its hard to keep up with which services get hacked and if your need to change your credentials to that site based on a break in to their services, well you can now use the service Hacknotification to find out which sites are compromised, for more check out Hacknotification.

Increasing your Web Traffic the Ethical Way

A segment of a social network

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There are many different techniques to improving your sites traffic, advertising on social networks, have your pages show up in Google search engines, but there are also unethical ways to do it which overall end up ruining the accuracy of the web, so if your trying to improve your sites page ranking and visibility on the web, check out this article that has some ethical tips, HERE.

Share Websites with Bo.Lt

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If your into creating your own custom versions of websites or sharing sites with your friends, then you might be interested in the service Bo.Lt which will allow you to share a web site and much more, check out the service Bo.Lt.

Add Google Profile to your Website

Image representing Google Profiles as depicted...

Image via CrunchBase

If you have a Website you run or work on and you have a Google Profile what better way to get the most out of both by marrying the two, by using some code that Google Webmaster will provide to you to insert into your site, for more details on how this all works, check out this post, HERE.

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