Get A Mountain Lion look for Windows 7/8 with Mountain Lion Skin Pack

The icon of Mac OS X Lion

The icon of Mac OS X Lion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Image representing Windows as depicted in Crun...

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There are those that like the UI look to Mac OS X Lion and perhaps your one of those people, but you don’t care to take the dive and actually purchase a Mac, well you can still enjoy the UI look of Mountain Lion using the Mountain Lion Skin Pack for Windows 7/8.

Give Windows 7 the Metro UI

The new Windows 8 Start Screen, making use of ...

Image via Wikipedia

If you are in love with the Metro UI that is part of Windows 8, and can’t wait till the official release of the OS to start having a User Interface Metro style then you might want to check out this program for Windows called Metro7.

Windows 7 App Launcher Can Simplify How you Launch Programs

Windows 7 build 7600

Image via Wikipedia

When it comes to starting up your computer and getting ready to work, or play whatever your fancy is, you usually have a set of programs you use to get that goal accomplished, and it probably be nice if you could open all of them with a single keystroke, and although you can do this with other methods, using Windows 7 App Launcher makes things a whole lot simpler, for more check out Windows 7 App Launcher.

Better Explorer is a Windows 8 Type of Explorer for Windows 7

Image representing Windows as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

Some people can’t wait until they get there hands on the new version of Windows set to release, being Windows 8, but you can get a little taste of the OS with the program Better Explorer for Windows 7 that gives you the Windows 8 Explorer experience in Windows 7, for more check out Better Explorer for Windows 7.

Get Free Trials to Premium Services for Downloading IE9

Internet Explorer 9

Image via Wikipedia

If you haven’t tried out Internet Explorer 9, then now might not be a bad time to give it a try considering the free trial giveaways being offered as part of the download, for more on what this deal is all about, check out this link HERE, while it lasts.

Search for files on Windows 7 with 7Files

Windows 7, the latest client version in the Mi...

Image via Wikipedia

If you do a fair amount of searches on your Windows7 machine then you might benefit from the program 7Files which offers much more than the baked in file search feature of Windows7 for more check out 7Files for Windows7.

Remove the Command Bar from Windows Explorer in Windows 7

Windows Explorer in Windows 7

Image via Wikipedia

If you like a more minimial look to your Windows and you do a lot of work out of Windows Explorer then you might be ready to remove the Command Bar from Windows Explorer in Windows 7 for more real estate, for more on how to achieve this check out this program called, Command Bar Tweaker.

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