Remove the “Ribbon” Bars with Ribbon Disabler for Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Windows 8 Libraires Concept

Windows 8 Libraires Concept (Photo credit: louisvolant)

Perhaps one of the issues you have with Windows 8 Consumer Preview is the fact that all menus are now replaced with Ribbons in Windows 8 CP and you might not like that, perhaps you wish there was a way to get rid of them, and you’ll be pleased to know that you can do just that with the program Ribbon Disabler for Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Grab a Copy of Windows 8 Consumer Preview

The new Windows 8 Start Screen, making use of ...

Image via Wikipedia

If your an IT person or just a Power user that likes to be on the Bleeding Edge of technology, then today is a day to note, because of the Release of Windows 8 Consumer Preview which will give you a very good idea of how Windows 8 will work, for more check out this link to grab your copy of the Preview HERE.


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