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If you have seen recent articles talking about various parts of Windows 8 then you’ll be pleased to know that yet another new part of Windows 8 is the intergration of Windows Live and Sky Drive services which will attempt to link those accounts to your Windows machine, making these services extend your desktop to a degree, for more on how this works in Windows 8 check out this article HERE.

Windows Live, forget Beta


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So Windows Live Beta is now out of beta and is called “Windows Live” which was a mind blower, thought microsoft would try to change it to a cooler name or something. All jokes aside this collection of programs are actually pretty useful, things like the movie maker are individual specific, but a service such as SkyDrive which offers I think up to 5GB Free Cloud Storage can’t be topped, I currently am attempting to get a Dropbox solution going on with my computers so that all of my day-to-day data is synced across machines but because of the 2 GB limitation on Dropbox, I think I will seriously consider using SkyDrive some how as a place to store my work files. Check out more about Windows Live at the following links:

Windows Live Mesh and Devices Help Center

Windows Live Mesh 2011

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