ProEject for USB devices on Windows

USB flash drive

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You probably hate the native USB ejections software of windows, its slow, and it sometimes takes forever to do something as simple as dis mount a USB drive, so check out this tiny program that can do it cleanly and safely called ProEject.

Run Windows XP or Ubuntu 8 from your Browser with JPC-2

Windows XP logo

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Your trying to run a virtual copy of Windows XP without having to learn about virtualization technologies well then you might need to check out this great program that can run the operating system within your browser, the application is called JPC-2.

WindowsMenuPlus offers more Options in your Windows Menus

SAS 9 on Microsoft Windows screen shot

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Your the type that likes a modified system and you like control over your windows, so this might mean you need to check out WindowsMenuPlus that will allow you to do a few extra things from right in side the window your currently working on, check out more about this product, HERE.

Can’t get into Safe Mode on your Windows machine?

Rebooting in safe mode.

You have been trying to enter Safe Mode but you are riddled with errors and you are at a lost as to what steps to take next asides from re-installing windows, well perhaps this program will provide you an alternative to fix safe mode check out the programs homepage, HERE.

Windows Startup Do’s and Don’t

Power h

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You are now a power user and have decided you want to take more control over your computer you start first with trying to tweak the machine to run faster, this might lead you to messing with what programs start up with windows, if so you might find this site very useful in your startup tweaking adventures, check the site HERE.

Common Windows Attacks

Windows 7, the latest client version in the Mi...

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Anyone above the level of Power User can pretty much tell you that in order to break into windows, once you have physical access to the computer, more than 50% of the battle is done, with the right software program, and or boot devices you can hack right into that Windows system with relative ease. Well information is power people, so if you know the angles someone might use to attempt to gain access to your computer you can shut them down before you run into issues, check this article on how you can break and protect yourself from common Windows attacks.

Remove Windows Genuine Advantage Update

Microsoft Windows XP wordmark official.

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This is one of the worst updates you can possibly install. It suppose to ensure your using a legal copy of XP, but in some cases you can end up getting piracy messages for no reason, and they are very annoying pop ups that cant be avoided. Uninstalling this update was not an option until now, check out this article on the details of how to remove this dreadful windows update.

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