Install Windows Programs on Linux with Ease using PlayOnLinux

Gnome 3 Snapshot

Gnome 3 Snapshot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although you can use WINE to emulate Windows programs in your Linux desktop, perhaps you would like to actually install these apps on your Linux desktop and then run them, well you can sort of do this using the program PlayOnLinux that makes it easy to run Windows programs on your Linux Desktop using WINE to emulate the Windows environment, for more check out PlayOnLinux for Linux Distros.

Chill Liqour without Ice

A drink called "Sex on the Beach", v...

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You hate how the Ice that you add to your drink dilutes its potency to a point, and you wish that you could both enjoy a chilled drink while still getting the full kick out of the drink, well check out this article that has a solution to this problem, HERE.

Red Wine can help you keep Active

Shaoxing rice wine. 一品餃子

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Drinking Red Wine might seem like a thing that relaxes you and you don’t associate being active because of drinking it but, perhaps you are more active because you drink Red Wine, and this article will explain why, HERE.

Using Leftover Wine

Bottle and glass of 5 year old Madeira wine. T...

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The party is over and there is some wine left in the bottle, you rather not waste it but you know your not going to use it tomorrow, what to do? Well check out this article that has a purpose for that wine, check it out HERE.




Open that Wine Bottle with some String?

A bottle showing the translucent green of many...

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You have nothing but yourself, your women, a bottle of the finest Wine, and a string, well your in luck because you have everything you need to have a great time, check out this article that teaches you how to use a piece of string to open your next Wine Bottle HERE.

Checking a Wine’s smell before usage, a good idea

J. P Chenet French wine, a popular UK grocery ...

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Wine is made from grapes and fruits like all things that we eat naturally have a shelf life, and so does the things we make from them, in this case Wine. So you just cracked up a bottle and the smell is a bit off but you still drink it, and then end up in the bathroom all night wondering why you didn’t get a fresh bottle, check out this article for telling if the smell of your wine is off HERE.

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