Boot People off Wifi Networks with WiFiKill for Android

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If you find that too many rogue devices are on your Wifi network and you wanted a way to throw them out, then you might want to check out the android app WifiKill that can do that for you, check out WifiKill for Android.


Watch how you Breathe on your Wireless Network

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If you ever wondered how can you get a better WiFi signal you will be shocked to learn that not breathing is one way to keep your WiFi signal good, also moving is a big no no for getting a good WiFi signal, for more on why your WiFi signal can be weakened by movement, check out this article HERE.

Maryfi will Share your Internet Access

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If your on a network like a hotel or an airport and you want to share your wireless connection with others, you might want to try out the program Maryfi.

Stop your Neighbors from Stealing your WiFi

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You hate that someone that lives near you is jumping on your WiFi network having you suffer from a horrible internet experience, you probably wish you knew a way to keep them off your WiFi network, well check out this article that has a pretty cool tip to get rid of the leeches, HERE.

View your WiFi Network with Wireless Network Watcher

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You have noticed that your bandwidth isn’t what it used to be, you have contacted your ISP which says they haven’t had any problems and tests of your line shows everything is in working order, well perhaps there is someone stealing your Wifi connection, and what better way to catch them than to use this great program for windows called Wireless Network Watcher.

Setting up a Wired Ethernet network @ Home

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We always talk about these days moving away from physically wired networks and moving on to wireless networks but there still is a big gap in speed you lose by using a wireless network, and sometimes for things like video or gaming you need a consistent internet connection, thats why you might want to check out this guide to wiring your home network, HERE.

Wifi Theft detection

Crystal Clear app Internet Connection Tools

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So your wondering why is the internet connection is so slow when I am the only person on the internet, or so you think, maybe someone is using your connection without you knowing? Well if you think you have someone stealing your bandwidth check out this article on how to check if your right, HERE.

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