Add Sheen to Wood with Stale Beer?

A wreath Kolsch Beer - LA Times of Kölsch.

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If you have some wood that you like to get a little bit more shiny and you have some old stale beer from a night or two ago, then you can kill two problems with one stroke of genius, it might sound wild but you can add the sheen you’ve been wanting with that stale beer, for more on how this works check out this article HERE.

Fix small cracks and Scratches on Wood

mayonnaise sans huile

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If you have a piece of furniture that has got a little crack or some scratches then you might be scrambling for a fix, well have you ever thought using mayonnaise, check out this article that has a way to use Mayonnaise to fix your wood problems, HERE.

Make A Couch!

Home Depot Storefront

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Check out this amazing DIY project for making a couch from a wooden pallet and a few other things here and there, it might be just what your looking for when it comes to a custom look, or a couch on a budget either way, check out the details for the project HERE.

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