Get your Workout Reminders using Sworkit

English: Fitness trainer Billy Blanks shows a ...

English: Fitness trainer Billy Blanks shows a female workout participant, the proper workout technique during his workout session at the Charleston Club January 28th. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It might not always be on your mind during the day that you haven’t workout for 15 or 30 minutes, and so you might go a day or so without remembering that you have to do this, in order to help you remember you might want to employ the service Sworkit which will give you those reminders at random times of the day that you need to get your workout on, for more check out Sworkit service and Android/iOS apps.

Train like an Athlete

Wayne Gretzky, New York Rangers.

Image via Wikipedia

Your about to get to a life long goal, get in shape like an Athlete but your not exactly sure how to get to that goal, well check out this article that will lead you on your path HERE.

Your MP3 Playlist synced to your BPM

Check out this article on how you can design a playlist that BPM, workout fiends should jump on this ASAP as I’m almost certain that working out to music that is in sync with your internal clock most likely improve the productivity of that workout!

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