Writing can help learning more so than Typing

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So when I was in class for the last 2 years I have only typed notes for several different reason and for me this works great, but for others I have heard they learn better by actually writing their notes out, the act of writing has a different affect on the way you remember the material perhaps, check this article out on the topic to see whats right for you HERE.

More Writing Tips!

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Pouring on the writing tips hard today, and I have another wonderful article to check out in your pursuit for better writing skills, check the article out HERE.

Create a efficient Writing Environment

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When its time to sit down and write an article or paper it can get difficult to do unless you lock in at the task at hand. Writing requires a focus that unlike other task can’t be intertwined with distractions that will cause you to lose your mental focus, check this article out on how to avoid this downfall when you start to write!

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