Unclog your Win7 Network


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I came across an article recently where the idea was that at times, Windows 7 network activity drags to a halt, resulting in dial up like connections, but in this day and age nobody even connects to the internet at those speeds. It turns out that Windows 7 enables two features that cause the network connections to be severely degraded at times. Now the issue is that by default Windows 7 enables “Homegroups” which is similar to the concept of workgroups, except these groups are automated, users need only connect to the same router/switch and your machine should join the Homegroup, more or less. Now this is great for some people, but for power users this might be more of an inconveniences especially if you feel comfortable with network concepts, because if you need to form a workgroup it shouldn’t be hard at all. So remember if you do use the Homegroup feature then this tweak is NOT for you, but if you dont please give this tweak a try and let me know how it impacted you.

Click on the start button, then navigate to control panel and open this window. Then open up “Network and Sharing Center”, once this windows is open on the left hand side of the window click on “Change Advanced Sharing Settings”. Once you reach this window click on the “home or work” section, where a list of choices will now be visible. Scroll down to “File Sharing Connections” and set this to the second option which is “Enable file sharing for devices use 40- or 56- bit encrpytion”. Then continue to scroll down till you see the section “Homegroup connections” and select the second option which is “Use user accounts and passwords to connect to other computers”, once these changes are made hit the “Save changes” button which will prompt you to log out for the changes to take effect, and your done! This tweak was provided to me by Windows Secrets, enjoy and drop feedback!

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