Want the iPhone 4S, Find out if your eligible for an Update

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If you are mad that you don’t have the newest version of the iPhone now that the iPhone 4S is out, then you might want to check out update date to see if you are eligible to get the phone now, or in a few, for more on how this works, check out this article HERE.

TinEye client for Windows does Reverse Image Search


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If you are familiar with the service TinEye then you’ll be pleased to know that there is a Windows Client to the service which allows you to do your Image search within the program without a browser, for those that aren’t aware, TinEye is a service that allows you to reverse search an image to find a match on the web, for more check out the TinEye Client for Windows.

ExpertFlyer Helps you find the seat your looking for on your Next Flight

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You hate to just randomly sit on a flight you perhaps like the view of the window, or hate it, maybe you like to be in specific row, whatever the case may be ExpertFlyer probably will help you out, check out the service ExpertFlyer.

Track your Purchases and Packages with Slice for iOS

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Your always ordering things and you hate to not know the status of something you have purchased or better yet the status of a package that is headed your way, well know you can stay on top of things with the iOS app Slice.

Updated Netflix Android App

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You have been waiting for Netflix to update there Android app because the it lacked something, well hopefully you will be pleased with the Updated version of the Netflix App for Android, for more check out the Netflix App for Android.

Create Logo’s in Chrome with Logo Maker Extension

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You work in or with Google Chrome most of the day and you want to find some type of way to use it to create your Logo’s to various things you work on, what better way to solve this issue than to grab the Logo Maker Extension for Google Chrome and start making those logo‘s within the browser itself, for more check out Logo Maker Extension for Google Chrome.

Queue Your Facebook & Twitter Posts With Buffer

You find that when you get on a social network binge you can’t stop but you hate to spam out your Facebook friends and Twitter followers, and to that end wouldn’t it be useful if you could buffer your posts with 30 minute or hours gaps, well you can with the service Buffer.

iOS Icon Shortcuts without Jailbraking

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If your used to the program SBSettings for your jailbroken iOS device and hate that as long as your using iOS5 your limited by the lack of customization over your device, you can regain some of that lost functionality with the Icon Project.

Improve Firefox’s Startup Time

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If you find that sometimes Firefox starts up a bit slow it may be a simple solution to this problem, changing the way Firefox handles tabs when it starts up, for more on how this can improve your performance, check out this article HERE.

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