My Final Thoughts on the HTC Evo

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I have written over the last few months some general information about the Evo and what I have been able to do to it and it has been a wonderful trip, I hope that others found this information useful, and I have recently retired my HTC evo, so I thought i would close up my HTC evo chapter with the article HTC Evo:Final Thoughts

Use your iOS5 Devices Headset Controls to Snap a Picture

iPhone 3G Camera

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One of the many features added to iOS5 is the ability to use your devices head set volume control to snap a picture, which can improve your pictures by being able to mount the camera while taking a shot, for more check out this article HERE.

Google Mobile Search now Offers Cache Pages

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A useful feature of doing a search on Google from a desktop is that you can sometimes use a Cache versions of a page for whatever reason, but if you access the mobile site, you don’t have this feature until now, check out Google’s Official blog post regarding the change to there Mobile Search site, HERE.

Want Siri for your iPhone 4, 3GS or Ipod Touch, Try SiriOus

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Many people with older iPhone or iOS devices felt left out on the announcement of Siri which for the most part is a iPhone 4S feature, but you can now add that much wanted feature to your iPhone 4, 3GS or iPod Touch by trying a cousin of Siri called SiriOus, for more check out SiriOus. Being Jailbroken is Required.


OnyX is a System Tweaker for Mac OS

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When you want to tweak your Mac OS you might not really know what options if any exist, and worst yet a lot of programs on the Mac OS are paid, but here is where you find a diamond in the rough with the program OnyX for Mac OS for the amazing price of Free, for more check out OnyX.

Android Task-Killers Really Do Nothing

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You might have heard or seen that having a Task-Killer for Android is a good practice, and you can even end up saving battery life based on killing apps, well that turns out to be a load of crap, and in truth Task-Killer apps for android may not even be more useful than to kill a running process, for more check out this article HERE.

Manage your Google Chrome Extensions with Context

For some it might be useful if they created browsing profiles of the extensions they would like to use for a given session, perhaps your looking for things on the web in which case you want to use a set of extensions, but the next time you open the browser you need to download videos, you can create profiles of extensions using the Google Chrome Extension Context.

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Find Free Wifi on your iOS device with 4sqwifi

Sniffing Free Wifi on Latitude

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When your on the hunt for a Wifi signal preferable for free, you might want to tap the power of Foursquare, with the app 4sqwifi for iOS.

Compare the Cost of a Visit to Auto Shop or Do It Yourself

When you have a Vehicle it can become costly to run to a Auto shop everytime something goes wrong on the vehicle, but you don’t want to run for every little thing because that can become costly, so to that end you might want to check out AutoMD

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which will compare the price of a auto shop visit versus you breaking out your tools and getting the job done yourself, for more check out AutoMD.

Get back your Old Yahoo Mail Interface with a Tweak

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Perhaps your not into the new Yahoo Mail interface and wish you could just roll back to the old one, well you might be in luck, check out this article that has a little tweak you can do to get back the old interface, HERE.

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