Best Days of the Week to Shop Online


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You probably wish you new some insider trick or tip to making purchases of items your looking for online, well check out this article that has the best days of the week to purchase various items or groups of items online, for more check out the article HERE.

Bank Of America Ditches $5 Debit Card Usage Fee

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If you thought it was crazy that Bank of America was going to charge its customers $5 to use their debit cards, apparently someone at Bank of America also came to this conclusion and decided to ditch this idea, which probably was the right move for a bank that has taken a few hits in the past few years, for more on this issue check out this article from CNN HERE.


Get your Mobile News with News360 App

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If your always on the go and you sometimes need to know whats going on from your Mobile device then you might consider the program News360 for your Mobile News needs, for more check out News360.

OneSchool Tells a Student Everything they Need About School

Mobile App

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If your new to a school or just like a reference to locations and where various resources are located on your school grounds then you might want to check out the mobile app OneSchool that will give you the low down on everything you need to know as a student to get around your school, for more check out the OneSchool Mobile App.

Gmail App for iPhone

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If you feel that you have been deprived for all this time on your iPhone because the platform lacked a native Gmail app your woes have been answered today, because Google has officially released a Gmail app for the iOS platform, although at the moment it has been pulled due to a bug, look for it shortly to shortly returned to the iTunes App Store, for more check out Gmail for iPhone.

Installing Mac OS Lion From a USB Stick

Disgo Lite USB flash drive 28mb

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If for whatever reason you need to install a copy of Mac OS Lion from a USB stick because your device does not support a CD/DVD drive then you might want to check out this article that has some details on how you can setup a USB stick to install the OS from, for more check out article out HERE.

Asana is Free Project Management Software

Project Management main phases

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If your part of a small business that has decided to use Project Management techniques to become more productive as a business, then you’ll probably need some software to manage your business, and there is where Asana comes in to play offering its services free for up to 30 members project teams, for more check out Asana.

Resize your Windows with Keystrokes using Resizer

Windows 7, the latest client version in the Mi...

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If your into change windows to suit your needs instead of the default settings then perhaps you’ll take it a step further and start to resize those windows using mere Keystrokes and the program Resizer for Windows can do that for you, for more check out Resizer for Windows.

Track your Investment & Retirement Funds in one place with Personal Capital Service

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If you find yourself having to manage multiple investments why not centralize things to make it easy for you to manage and to that end you should check out the service Personal Capital which can do this for you all from one locations, for more check out Personal Capital.


Plex Media Center has new Plex Hub Feature


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If your into Media Center software then you should give Plex a try which is a off-spin of XBMC, along with a optimized suite for a Media center, you can now use various platforms from Windows to Android, for more check out Plex.

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