Edit your iOS Clipboard content using ClipboardEdit on your Jailbroken Device

Español: Este es un logo para IOS (Apple). Más...

Español: Este es un logo para IOS (Apple). Más detalles: Logo para Apple inc's iOS (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once again if you needed a reason to Jailbrake your iOS device, here is another, if you find that you do a fair amount of Copy and paste duty on your iOS device then you might have run into a situation where you wish you could edit the content in the clipboard, well now you can get this type of functionality on your Jailbroken iOS device using the program ClipboardEdit.

Learn how to Match Different Font types together using Type Connection Game

Font Shop074

Font Shop074 (Photo credit: tarrytown)

If your trying your hand at developing a sites design, or designing anything that requires you to use different font types, then you might need to learn how to match font types so that you don’t end up having lettering that takes away from the message your trying to express, or fonts that look wrong together giving the text a ugly feel to it, check out the Type Connection game that can help you home your Font pairing skills so that you design a page with fonts that work together, for more check out Type Connection.

Install Windows Programs on Linux with Ease using PlayOnLinux

Gnome 3 Snapshot

Gnome 3 Snapshot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although you can use WINE to emulate Windows programs in your Linux desktop, perhaps you would like to actually install these apps on your Linux desktop and then run them, well you can sort of do this using the program PlayOnLinux that makes it easy to run Windows programs on your Linux Desktop using WINE to emulate the Windows environment, for more check out PlayOnLinux for Linux Distros.

Call A Crowd on your Android/iOS device using the program CrowdCall

Conference Call with Bloggers

Conference Call with Bloggers (Photo credit: Texas Governor Rick Perry)

When you have to call a few people at once to have a conference call, you might not be sure how to do that using a stock dialer on your Android/iOS device, but you can cut all the wondering out by grabbing yourself a copy of the Android/iOS ad supported program CrowdCall which makes it dead simple to send a call to a few different people at once, for more check out CrowdCall for Android/iOS devices.

Track your Fitness Workouts with Fitocracy

Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness (Photo credit: Justin Liew)

When it comes to fitness, everyone is doing it these days, but like anything else you might want to set a goal, and you might need to track your progress towards that goal, and to that end you might want to use the Service Fitocracy to do your Fitness tracking, and the service even has an iOS app to keep you tracking things on the go, for more check out the Fitness tracking service Fitocracy.

Get Rid of Dock Delays in Mac OS 10.7

The Launchpad (formerly Springboard) on Mac OS...

The Launchpad (formerly Springboard) on Mac OS X Lion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you use the Dock on your Mac OS 10.7 desktop you might find the delay in the dock appearing and hiding to be rather annoying and wish you could somehow adjust or change this delay to suit you, well you just might be able to, check out this article that discusses this issue and how you can change the delay, HERE.

Get iOS 5.1 Camera Lockscreen for your iOS 5.0/5.0.1 Jailbroken Devices

Español: Este es un logo para IOS (Apple). Más...

Español: Este es un logo para IOS (Apple). Más detalles: Logo para Apple inc's iOS (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If your looking for the iOS 5.1 Camera Lockscreen feature on your Jailbroken iOS 5.0/5.0.1 device you need not panic you can get this lock screen by checking out the program Camera Grabber in the Cydia market, for more check out this article that talks about how you go about setting up this Lock screen for your device HERE.

Google Maps now Accounts for Current Traffic Conditions

Wordmark of Google Maps

Wordmark of Google Maps (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you plan a trip using Google Maps, the trip duration information provided in the past tend to be inaccurate because Google Maps never tried to factor in current traffic conditions that would effect your trips eta, but now Google Maps does factor this into is eta, for more check out this official Google Maps Blog post HERE.

Take Notes and Draw on your iPad using the program Paper

Apple iPad Event

Apple iPad Event (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are a few apps out there for your iPad when it comes to Taking notes or drawing something, but they don’t all make it easy or have the features you probably are looking for in one place, but you may have found a solution to that problem if your try the program Paper for the iPad.

Get Better Seating on your next Flight using the Service MySeatFinder

Japan Airlines international flight first-clas...

Japan Airlines international flight first-class seat「SUITE」.Equipped with Boeing 777-300ER 日本語: 日本航空国際線ファーストクラス「SUITE]ボーイング777-300ERに搭載 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you choose a seat for a Flight, you may have thought that it is a permanent decision that can’t be undid even if there are open seats on your flight, well you might have a different experience with your seating experience if you use the service MySeatFinder which will automatically attempt to find you a better seat, for more check out the service MySeatFinder.

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