How to tie things to your Car

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Image by DesmondCreighton via Flickr

If you have to move some big objects and your car is going to do the moving then securing the object is a really important objective in your moving mission, check out this article that may be able to help you secure those items, HERE.

A Guide to dealing with the Police

FWC Law Enforcement

Image by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission via Flickr

You may not have or may have had to deal with the Police in the past but it just doesn’t ever workout positively for you, well maybe you need to check out these two useful guides on how to deal with Police, HERE & HERE.

Migrate Facebook Photos to Google+

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If you were lucky enjoy to get a Google+ invite and have been using the Social Network, then it might feel naked without a few pictures, but to upload all of them to Google+ might be a un-needed task, well make it easy by check out this web service, HERE.

Avoid over-ripe Avocados

Avocado with its cross section. Pictured in Da...

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You love to have a Avocado or incorporate it into your meals but how do you keep it from over-ripening when you purchase it, well check out this article that has a way to do this, HERE.

OS X Blu-Ray Playback

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Your looking for some program to playback Blu-Rays on that Mac OS and your at a lost, well perhaps you need to check out this program that might get you on your way to looking at a great movie (or at least great sound/video quality), HERE.

The Pomodoro Technique to Productivity

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Perhaps your not as productive as you like to be and you figure its time for some change, well maybe you should try out the Pomodoro Technique to staying Productive, also check out this program that can help you use this technique once you understand what it is, HERE.

Understanding what productivity really means!

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You feel your Productive but at times you wonder if this is really the way things are suppose to be or am i trying to hard, and in effect wasting your valuable energy on efforts that will prove to end up being worth less than what you put in, maybe its time to examine what productivity is, and perhaps this article can help put things in perspective, HERE.

Download your Facebook & Google Data

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

You always wondered if there was an easy way to download all of your data from Facebook or A Google service, well Google Takeout has made the process a bit easier, but check out this program that can handle all of this out of one window, HERE.

Extending your Vacuum Hose

RCA ’808’ Power Vacuum Tube

Image via Wikipedia

You need to get up to a few places in your house that your Vacuum Hose can’t currently get to and it’s really bothering you that you can’t clean up completely, well check out this pretty cool hack you can do that will get you there, check out the details of this Vacuum Hose Hack, HERE.

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