You Want Something, Post it on Zaarly!

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You may not have heard but Craigslist has a Sister website that has a very unique service in which users post what they want, how much they will pay for it and when they want this done by, and people answer your requests as needed, sounds interesting, well learn more about the service from its homepage, HERE.


Possible Recover Corrupted Data from Zip Files

ZIP (file format)

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You may have a Zip file that has become corrupted some how and are wondering if there is any way to at least recover some of the data on the zip file, well maybe you can with this program, HERE.

Create your own Info-graphics

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You may have seen on the web some pretty cool InfoGraphic about a topic or cheatsheets in this type of style and wish you could make one for your own purposes, now you can with this great web service, HERE.

Another way to Manage your Files on Windows or Mac

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You may wish that you could tag files similar to the way you currently tag MP3 files, and now you can with this great program, check out the programs homepage, HERE.

Stick to the facts with a Cover Letter

Cover of the book

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You may want to stand out as a superstar on your Cover Letter but that might not be the smartest approach to impressing a potential employer, check out this article that has some useful advice for creating a Cover Letter, HERE.

Save your Digital Devices from Waterloggin

A Different Kind of Pain

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You may have just experience a great pain when your favorite digital device became waterlogged and your at a lost as to how to even attempt to get it back in a working state, well check out this item that might be able to help you out, HERE.

De-Funk your Smelly Sneakers

G-Funk Entertainment

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If you have notice a foul Funk coming from your Sneakers but they are still usable then you might consider getting yourself started on this web reading a pretty neat way to get the funk out, HERE.

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