Bring your Slides and Negatives into the Digital Age

Digitising old slides by photographing their p...

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You have a lot of old family slides and negatives that you would love to put on your computer if you just had a means to do it, well maybe you need to check out this article that will get you on your way, HERE.

Carabiner Key: The Key that Sticks with you

United States Capitol Rotunda

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Perhaps you the type that needs to hit the woods every week or you just like to take adventures and you sometimes have to travel light, and having a set of keys on you is a major problem, check out Carabiner Keys.

To-do List Web Service, for Android, iOS Too

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Check out this web service that offers a Web interface for planning your To-Do list as well as applications for the Android and iOS platforms so you can keep up with your To-Do list on the Go, check out more about the service, HERE.

Hospital Compare finds the best Hospital according to experience

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Next time your looking for a Hospital but aren’t exactly sure which one you be best taken care at or receive a good experience perhaps you should check out the web service, Hospital Compare.

Move files from Hard drive to SSD on Windows


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Your upgrading your system with a SSD drive and plan to move some files from you old IDE or SATA drive to your new speedy SSD drive but don’t know which program will be best suited for the job, well check out this program, HERE.

Be Eco-friendly and start washing Dishes by Hand

Washing dishes at the Our Community Place Soup...

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You may save a few minutes at best washing dishes with a Dishwasher machine, but you probably get cleaner dishes as well as save water by cleaning your dishes by hand, check out this article that talks about the differences HERE.

Cold water Makes for better Tea!

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It may sound odd, but using cold water to make your tea might actually lead to that tea tasting better, cooling down the kitchen among other things, check out more about using cold water to brew your tea, HERE.

Ask Ubuntu Unity Lens for Answers to Ubuntu Questions

Former Ubuntu logo. New version at File:Ubuntu...

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Your new to Ubuntu and you have a few questions about things that your almost positive others have asked but you rather not have to go through tons of sites before you get to your desired answer, well then check out Ubuntu Unity Lens.

What is your Weakness? Say something Trivia!

Day 97: Having Anxiety for Tomorrow

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Perhaps your on a job interview and an employer ask, what would you say is a weakness of yours, and your a bit lost because you feel right now you have no faults, but if you do have to give one give a trivia issue which shouldn’t negatively affect you, for more information as to why you should do this, check out this article HERE.

Water Balloon Filler

Water Balloons III

Image by Steve Wilhelm via Flickr

Check out this pretty cool toy for kids or adults, well maybe its more of a tool in your Water Balloon Wars, which allows you to tie a knot on the water balloon in 20 seconds or less, allowing your team to fill up and deploy way more balloons than the other losers, check out this awesome little tool, HERE.

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