How to Modify your Android Widgets and Backgrounds

Android robot logo.

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If you have an Android device and some time you may have come to the conclusion that you want to edit some things like Widgets and backgrounds so your device looks more the way you envisioned it in your dreams, well to that end you might want to check out this article that talks about how to do some of this customization starting with Widgets and backgrounds, for more check out this article HERE.

Determine how long your Coffee rush will last with this Calculator

A photo of a cup of coffee.

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If your the type of person that needs to be running on Coffee and when you come off of it you feel like your about to pop, then you might benefit from this calculator that can roughly determine when your Coffee rush will fade and you need to get your fix, for more check out this link HERE.

Track Where your spend your time with Klok for Windows

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If your into time management programs for your windows system then you should give the program Klok a try which has a pretty slick interface, offers a paid and free version of the program, for more check out Klok for Windows.

Winzip Updates for 20th Birthday, Adds Social Features

WinZip Icon

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If you are a fan or used Winzip over the years for your file compression/decompression needs then you’ll be pleased to know that the program is now 20 years old, and it has moved into the future by adding some social features, mainly adding a feature called Zipsend that post zips to Facebook among other places, for more check out WinZip16.

When your go Online Shopping make sure to consult Slice

Web Slice

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If you do a fair amount of shopping Online then you might benefit from the service Slice which will do a little bit of searching in your inbox and other places to determine deals based on things you want or have bought in the past, for more check out the service Slice.

Are you on the right Financial Track, This Quiz will let you know


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If you are wondering if your headed down the right roads when it comes to your financial health and future, you might benefit from this little quiz that will tell you if your headed for millions or your dead in the water, for more check out this Financial Quiz HERE.

Search for files on Windows 7 with 7Files

Windows 7, the latest client version in the Mi...

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If you do a fair amount of searches on your Windows7 machine then you might benefit from the program 7Files which offers much more than the baked in file search feature of Windows7 for more check out 7Files for Windows7.

Hijacking your next door Neighbors Speakers

If you live next to some people that end up playing to worse music on the planet and you wish you could get on the turn tables and get some good tunes flowing, perhaps you can by Hijacking your Neighbors speakers, for the details check out this article HERE.

Neighbors Know My Name

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Half way Jailbreak for iOS 5

iOS logo

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If you can’t wait for a un-tethered version of a Jailbreak for your iOS 5 device then you’ll probably want to check out this semi-tethered solution that while not perfect is better than nothing at the moment if you just have to Jailbreak your device, check out this article for more details on the process HERE.

Google Search Replaces + operator for “Quotation Marks”

Google X, alternate interface to Google search

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If you have used Google Search over the years and used or know about the various search operators available the you’ll probably used the + operator which will force the search to return results for the words you have between the +, now you will have to place Quotation marks on each word, for more on this change check out Google’s official blog post HERE.

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