Create Sound Profiles on Windows with Volume Concierge


If you always wanted a program that managed your Windows machine volume based on what time of the day it is then you should check out the Windows program Volume Concierge.

Backify Offers 512GB of Free Space for your Backups

Is Backify (512GB backup for free) also for real?

Image by Peter Forret via Flickr

If your looking for an Online service to backup your computers data to, then you might want to strongly consider the service Backify which is offering 512GB just to sign up to the service, for more check out the Backify Homepage.

ChatOn is a SMS alternative from Samsung

Android robot logo.

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If you have heard of the iMessage service which allows you to send text messages without using your Carrier, then you’ll be pleased to know that a similiar service is now available for Android devices at the moment, with plans for iOS and Blackberry versions, check out ChatOn.

50GB of Free space for Ipod Touch/Pad/Phone users @ Box.Net

iPod touch applications home screen pg 2

If you have iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad then you’ll probably want to check out the service Box.Net which is offering 50GB of free space to owners of the previously mentioned devices, for more check out Box.Net.

Transfer Large files with JustBeamIt

File Transfer

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If you are trying to share a file or two with your friend and it happens to be a video or another big file that might not fit on a USB drive then you might want to take a look at the service JustBeamIt which makes sharing large files a breeze, for more check out JustBeamIt’s Homepage.

MMS Support Rolling out for Google Voice

This is icon for social networking website. Th...

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If you are a Sprint customer you will now be able to enjoy MMS to email capabilities thanks to Google Voice latest update to the service. The support is said to start with sprint and eventually will be supported by more carriers and even at some point Google Voice will have MMS capabilities built into the Mobile App, for more check out Google Official Blog Post on the Topic HERE.

Get All your Online Contacts into One place with Neiio

Palringo Contact List Screenshot

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If you have contacts on several different services online and wish you could put them all in into one online contact list you can export to other systems then you might want to check out the service Neiio.

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