Blacklisting Google Search Results?

Google Chrome Icon

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So these days a Google search results will bring a percentage of spam or crap to the front of the search sometimes, help Google fight back by blacklisting sites in search results that are obvious spam sites, check out this cool Blacklisting tool for Chrome, HERE.

Ditch AT&T iPhone for Verizon iPhone for Next to nothing!

Verizon logo

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Your all hyped now that you can finally leave the overpriced network mobile carrier known as AT&T to a somewhat more reasonable plan from Verizon now that they also have the iPhone on their network as of 2/11/11, check out this article that gives you the blueprint to leaving one network and joining the other for next to nothing HERE.

Remove Car Odors with this neat Tip

Smell and taste

Image by Julie70 via Flickr

So you got a smell in the car you just can’t stand anymore and need to remove it check out this great article that has a tip on how you can get that smell out, without breaking your wallet, HERE.

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