Need to Dispose of Electronic Trash?

Cut-away cell phone

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Check out this cool roundup of places you can go to dump off that electronic trash you don’t need like an old computer, cell phone, or other devices, check the article out HERE.

Juicedefender, Extend Your Android Devices Battery

Android robot logo.

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So you need a way to save some of the power on your android device because of the amount of things you use it for, you always need access to it and so preserving battery life is important to you, check out this great app for your android device that will help you on that mission, HERE.

Difference’s Between Verizon & AT&T iPhone

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Not exactly sure what the difference between the iPhone for Verizon and AT&T means, well check out this break down for what the differences are for this device on each network, HERE.

Homemade Hot Cocoa

White chocolate is marketed by confectioners a...

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Everything Homemade is better, just cause knowing you made it the way you like is a feeling all by itself you can’t purchase in the supermarket, with that said, check out this article on how to make your own Hot Cocoa Mix, HERE.

How to remove Itunes DRM from your Purchases

DRM is killing music, and it's a rip off! Paro...

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You just paid for something, but Apple still wants to have a hold on it by placing some DRM technology on your download, liberate your media, check out this article with a explanation on how to remove DRM from your iTunes purchase, HERE.

Reduce your Cable Bill


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Cable Bills tend to start to look crazy, this charge, that charge are you feeling overwhelmed? Check out this article on how you can reduce your cable bill, HERE.

Calibrate Dual Monitors

BBC Master Series microcomputer with Dell LCD ...

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So you have your screen split over two monitors but notice the colors on the monitors don’t exactly match up, check out this cheap calibration software you can use to get things in sync, check the article out HERE.

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