Too much Passion at the workplace isn’t a Good thing

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Being a passionate worker that is always on top of things is great, but being too passionate about your job can sometimes lead to conflicts with fellow employees or other may view you as less than desirable person to deal with, for more on why this could hurt you check out this article, HERE.

Get things done by doing what can be done now

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Your always looking for ways to keep yourself productive and you kind of wonder if there is any way to get more out of your long term goals than having them listed somewhere, what can you do now to achieve those goals, well check out this article that talks about why this is a great approach to accomplishing goals, HERE.

Take a Break between Tasks for better Memory

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You might be taking a few classes in college this year and you always end up spending a few hours doing your work, but don’t always find that you remember it all when you study for math, science, English, and history, that’s because you should have a 20 minute break between subjects for better memory of the topic, check out this article that explains why this works, HERE.

Rid Oil from your Pool with a Tennis Ball

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Your always looking at the surface of the pool and wondering how can I get rid  of the oil that looks like its settled on the surface of the pool without having to drain the pool of water, which is a time consuming process, well check out this tennis ball solution to your oil problems, HERE.

Run Windows XP or Ubuntu 8 from your Browser with JPC-2

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Your trying to run a virtual copy of Windows XP without having to learn about virtualization technologies well then you might need to check out this great program that can run the operating system within your browser, the application is called JPC-2.

Record your Skype Conversations on your iPad

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Check out this pretty useful application that will allow you to record your call sessions over Skype for later use, check out more information about the application HERE.

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