Getting rid of Spotify Ads

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Check out these two program that for there respective operating systems will remove Spotify ads automatically so that you can enjoy a cleaner experience when using the service, check out this program for windows HERE and this program for Macs HERE.

Doing things the Hard way can make you Smarter

contemporary debates in philosophy of mind

You figure the easy way to do things is the way to go, but you might be wrong because there is no challenge there which does not exercise or mind, making us dull to a degree, sharpen up your mind by challenging yourself, check out this article that explains why this works, HERE.

Homemade Fertilizer with Epsom salt & Water

Magnesium sulfate heptahydrate

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You may be amazed at the prices for some good Fertilizer at your local store, but did you know that you could make your own Fertilizer with some Epsom salt, water and reading this article HERE.

Soap and Water better than Alcohol on a Cut

Wound from ski-fall

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You may have thought that Alcohol is always the thing to put on a fresh cut to kill out any germs that might be trying to invade your body, but you might be better off just using some good old soap and water, check out this article that explains why this is, HERE.

WindowsMenuPlus offers more Options in your Windows Menus

SAS 9 on Microsoft Windows screen shot

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Your the type that likes a modified system and you like control over your windows, so this might mean you need to check out WindowsMenuPlus that will allow you to do a few extra things from right in side the window your currently working on, check out more about this product, HERE.

When using a Credit Card Abroad keep your Passport

First 4 digits of a credit card

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You might believe that you should always keep your passport at the hotel or a safe place while on vacation, you might be better off walking with it if your on vacation outside the united states and you plan to use your credit card, check out this article that explains why this is so, HERE.

MediaTab for Windows add Multimedia Pane

Windows Explorer in Windows 7

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You probably hate how windows explorer shows a lot of information but when it comes to your media files, it shows everything you don’t need to know and everything you want to know about a file you can’t see without digging into the file a bit more, then you need to check out this really cool program that will solve this issue for you, called MediaTab.

Remove Tomato Skin with Ease

Small tomatoes in Korea

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You have always struggled with removing Tomato Skin so that your sauce or other dishes come out the way you want, instead of a little Tomato skin ruining the texture and general feel of your meal, check out this article that has a really neat technique for getting rid of tomato skin, HERE.

Protect yourself from Crappy Jobs

Deal or No Deal (video game)

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Your at an employer that you feel is less than fair to you, and you sometimes dwell on how you can get out of this situation, but you find yourself getting depressed, well you need to check out this article that talks about how to deal with a dead end job, HERE.

Using Voice Recognition the right way

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Most people figure when using any Voice Recognition software they might as well speak super slow and talk like a robot, well this is all wrong, you should speak normally and at a normal pace, because these programs are designed for you to speak to it casually, not in a monotone robotic voice, check out this article for more on the topic, HERE.

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