Use a AViiQ Portable Charger for your A/C Adapter Needs

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If your taking a trip and you need to have a few of your electronic devices charged up and ready to go along the way then you may need to find a way to cut back on space while still having the functionality of your devices, well then you need to carry the all in one charger for you devices, check out the AViiQ Protable Charger.

Dropsync Syncs your Android Device to your Dropbox

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If you use Dropbox then you might want to have all your files on your Android Device properly synced with your Dropbox account and vica versa so you might want to check out this program called DropSync.

Returning a Pillow to a Fluffy State

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Your mad because after a night of good rest your Favorite Pillow is looking kind of flat and your wondering what can you do to get it back to its fluffy comfortable state, well then you need to give it a little sun, check out this article that talks about how this works, HERE.

Chill Liqour without Ice

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You hate how the Ice that you add to your drink dilutes its potency to a point, and you wish that you could both enjoy a chilled drink while still getting the full kick out of the drink, well check out this article that has a solution to this problem, HERE.

Use a Tweezers for Precision Cooking tasks

A cook sautees onions and peppers.

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Your about to do some cooking that requires some pretty specific details that you just don’t feel comfortable using your normal kitchen equipment, then perhaps its time to break out the Tweezers and get your cooking on, check out this article that talks about how a Tweezer can become a valuable tool in your cooking equipment draw, HERE.

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