Lunch Bag that Double as a Black Board

A chalkboard.

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If you have to fix lunch for your little ones everyday why not have a bag for the lunch that is like a black board where you can write a message on the bag or whatever not, might sound far out, but it may not be that crazy, check out this article for more on how you can do this for you kids, HERE.

Taking Advantage of your Vulnerabilities

Santa Susana Tarweed, Hemizonia minthornii, vu...

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If you feel that being Vulnerable is a disadvantage it might be your outlook holding you back from taking control of the true power of Vulnerabilities within yourself, for more on how this works and how it can improve your life, check out this article, HERE.

Extend your Flowers Life with Sugar & Vodka

Image of an Absolut Vodka bottle, imported fro...

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If you have some flowers at home and you like them so much you wish you could keep them around a day or two extra perhaps you can by sharing your sugar and vodka with them, might sound odd, but it works check out this article for more on this, HERE.

72 Hour Survival Kit

Caswell Beach

Image by Gerry Dincher via Flickr

Because the East Coast got rocked this past week with an Earthquake then a Hurricane it might be the time to make sure your prepared for natural disasters with a 72 Hour kit, might not have heard of this but it could be the difference between being in a panic and smoothly riding out a natural disaster, check out more about creating your own kit, HERE.

Child Proof Your Camera with Sugru


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You probably have a 7 year old that has all the desire in the world to become a photography right now but your afraid to let them loose with your Camera, well then you might be interested in this DIY project for Child proofing your camera, for more on how to achieve this check out this article, HERE.

Organizing your Business Cards

Image of business card of Rod Brock of Seattle...

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If you have a lot of business cards and your not to sure what card requires your attention and what type of attention it requires then you might be interested in this system for managing your Business card contacts, check out more on this system HERE.

Cook a Egg with an Orange Peel Over a Camp Fire


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Lets say you have to cook some eggs cause your out in the woods and you got to have your eggs, but you don’t have a pan, not to fear, bust out that Orange Peel and get the camp fire going baby we are going to have Eggs, if your not sure how this works, neither am I that’s why you should check out this Video for how this works, HERE.

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