Train yourself to be Happy

Happy Days

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If you never feel that your happy enough then maybe you just need to train yourself to be happy and you can gain all the benefits of happy people, sounds far out, maybe not, check out this article that talks about the benefits of training yourself to be happy, HERE.

The Best Motivator is Fear sometimes

Upper Peninsula Michigan, USA, 1905. Miners po...

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If you find that you only spring into action when things are hitting the fan so to speak maybe its just because you have realized that you are most productive when you feel that everything is on the line, well check out this article that talks about why this is true possibly, HERE.

DIY Grappling Hook

Line-art drawing of a grappling hook.

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If you have ever wanted to have your own Grappling Hook but don’t have the money to then you need to check out this article that has a way to make your own Grappling Hook, for more on the details check this article out HERE.

How to Spot a Fake Review


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If you shop online then you may use reviews as a way to judge if you want to buy a product or not, but if those reviews are fake then whats the point, check out this article that talks about how you can spot a fake review, HERE.

Use Frozen Condiment packages for Small Wounds

A wound before and after being closed by inter...

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If you have ever gotten a small wound and you are dying to get some type of relief for it then you might not have to go far, just put some of those condiment packages into the freezer so that when you get a wound they are ready to help you out, if your confused how this works, check out this article that talks about it more, HERE.

Office Exercises to keep in Shake

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If your at the office all day sitting behind a desk working away, it might not be a bad idea to do a few exercises to get your body working physically as opposed to the mental tasks that consume your day, if your at a lost as to what type of exercises to do check out this useful info-graph with some exercises for office workers, HERE.

Clean Dirty Paint Brushes with Vinegar

paint roller beside paint brush at paint reservoir

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If you have done some painting in the past and you want to reuse your old paint brush the paint from the last job will probably get in your way, remove that paint with some Vinegar, not sure how this all works, check out this article that explains the way this works, HERE.

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