Kido’z TV for Kids


Check out this pretty cool service which overs Videos for kids which have been approved for the audience of minors, so parents can let their children free on the site and not have to worry about them viewing content that isn’t worthy of your child, check out more information about the service Kido’z TV.

Get Rid of Used Goods on Craigslist

Image representing Craigslist as depicted in C...

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You have a few items that you don’t really have a use for anymore but yet you feel a need to keep it because you have it, well break with that foolish train of thought and get rid of those things on Craigslist, check out this article that explains in more detail how this can benefit you, HERE.

Bumble VoIP for Children


Image by Duane Storey via Flickr

Perhaps you want your child to have a head start against his peers when it comes to technology and you figure what better way to introduce him than to have him or her communicate VIA VoIP to grandma, well you can achieve this and more with this great service which is setup in a way that children can understand and is safe for them to use, check out more about Bumble.

Take more Control of your Jailbroken device with SwitcherPlus

The iOS home screen.

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You have a Jailbroken iOS device and you hate how sometimes Multitasking can lead to your battery dying like nothing on you, when you really aren’t doing that much on your device, and here comes SwitcherPlus to the rescue which if used right can cut down on battery usage as well as kill apps, check out more about the applications SwitcherPlus.

Control your DSLR from your Android Device

Photo of the Canon EOS 50D Digital, showing mo...

Image via Wikipedia

You might have known that it is possible to control some DSLR from the iOS but now you can control Canon DSLR cameras from your Android Device, check out this application that can get this done for you, HERE.

Increase your Chances of getting your Lost Wallet Returned

A Czech Wallet

Image via Wikipedia

Your running around like a chicken without a head because you’ve lost your wallet and you don’t every thing you will see it again, but fear not, perhaps that picture of your son or daughter will convince the person that finds your wallet to return it, check out this study that suggest having a picture or two in your wallet isn’t a bad thing, HERE.

How to Block YouTube Comments

Image representing YouTube as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

Perhaps you like to browser YouTube from time to time for a video or something to make you laugh, but you find that some of the comments on there are just annoying you rather not see them at all, well check out this pretty cool trick you can use to block YouTube comments, HERE.

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