Hate Tabs You can’t find playing music then MuteTab is for you

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Have you ever been browsing and you find some music playing from one of your open tabs but for the life of you can’t figure out which tab is the culprit well then you might want to check out MuteTab.

Brew Fresher Coffee by purchasing Less

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You sometimes get that old Coffee taste when your at the end of your stash and you always like your Coffee to be fresh, so the solution is to buy less coffee so that you always have a fresh set of coffee around to brew, check out this article that talks about why this works, HERE.

Gauge your Standing in life by Writing your own Obituary

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This might sound a bit Morbid but writing your own Obituary can help you gauge where you are in life, gather up your accomplishments into a single body of writing where you can then improve on things your missing or review what you have done already, check out this article that has more on how this may help you out, HERE.

Saving 1% more can Make a Big Difference

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Depending on what your ratio is of what you spend to what you save, adding one percent to your saving in the long run can have a big impact on your saving when your older, check out this article that has more details on how this all works, HERE.

Grab Text from Anywhere with Text Editor Anywhere

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You need to grab text from various screens and places on your computer and you need a program that will make the task as simple as it can be, well then you need to check out Text Editor Anywhere.

Keep Garden Tools safe in Sand

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Did you know that you can extend the lifespan of your garden tools by simply putting them in sand when your not using them, check out this article that explains the logic behind this practice HERE.

Learn to Love Water

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You may always have wanted to increase the amount of water you drink a day but the one thing holding you back is that water is so plain, you just yearn for something with some flavor to it, well maybe there is a way to beat this issue and get your water on, check out this article that talks about how you can do this, HERE.

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