Clean your Tupperware with Lemons

One of the Tupperware's Ultraplus line product

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You may have some Tupperware that has seen better days, and you wish you could rid the few stains the Tupperware has so that it can look half way decent again, well break out the lemon and get the cleaning started, check out this article that explains the process, HERE.

Turn a Tube of Crisco into a Candle


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Perhaps your in need of a quick Candle because of some emergency and you have no way to go to the store, well if you have some Crisco handy and this guide then you should be well on your way to creating you own Candle, for the details check out this article HERE.

Sarcasm Trump Angry anyday


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Your always in the mood argue back when a certain person does something to you, but you probably would be better off if you just used a bit of Sarcasm with them, as this might actually lead to a better future relationship down the line, check out this article that talks about how this can work for you HERE.

Remove your name from Online Background Check Services

Forums and Minerals, the new Internet tools

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Check out this pretty useful article about how you can go about removing your name from some of the more popular Online Background Search engines, check out more about the process, HERE.

Don’t be so exact with Calories when on a Diet

weight loss exercise class

Image by ninahale via Flickr

Maybe you have been very rigid with your diet and you feel your still falling short of your project weight loss goals and your not sure what to do, well maybe you need to loosen up a bit and not be so exact with your calorie counting, check out this article that explains how this works in your battle with weight loss, HERE.

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